Summer is  running because Oklahoma is broken & it's time we have leadership that will put in the work to fix it. For far too long, the people of Oklahoma have been short-changed, waiting & hoping for just core government services.


   We are still waiting for our public schools to be a priority. Our school system is hemorrhaging qualified, experienced staff and we now have a record number of emergency certified teachers.  We must fully fund our public education system from preschool to high school & expand access to college & career tech.

   We are waiting for workforce development that would prepare Oklahomans for a 21st century economy. We have thousands of jobs that go unfilled or must be filled by people from out of state because Oklahomans lack the specific skills required to fill them. Adequate public education funding and job training programs would go a long way to fix that.


   We are waiting for people to have access to healthcare, including mental health & substance abuse treatment. I fully support Medicaid expansion, but we all know it’s just the first step & much more needs to be done. It's time to have representatives at the Capital that are focused on the people, rather than their party.


   We are waiting for Oklahoma to end mass incarceration & for-profit prisons. We are first in the WORLD in rates of incarceration per capita. Are Oklahomans really just bad people? No, of course not! We just have a bad criminal justice system, that creates profits by locking up masses of people for low level offenses or for being too poor to pay ever accumulating fines & fees, destroying lives & families in the process. 


   We are waiting for our crumbling roads & bridges to be repaired. How long can they work on I-44 with no visible signs of progress? How many bridges have to fall, risking the lives of our citizens? We need a plan for long-term infrastructure improvements – not just roads & bridges, but sustainable solutions that incorporate things like public transportation, broadband internet access, & repairing our aging electrical grid. 


   We are waiting for representatives to truly care about the people they represent & not just pay lip service to the issues we face as hard-working Oklahomans. 


   But how much longer can we wait? How much longer should we wait? The answer is simple for hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans: we cannot wait a second longer. Change can happen in Oklahoma, but it’s up to us. It’s time to stop waiting & start pushing forward.


   Summer is ready to work hard to win this race, but she can’t do it without your support. We need you to invest in our future. We need your investments of time, of your talents, & your donations to flip this seat & put me to work in the legislature where every single vote affects the lives of people across the state. Summer has fought for everyday Oklahomans throughout her career & in her volunteer work, & she will take that fight to the State Capitol to make our taxpayer dollars work for us & not just those at the top.

We are DONE waiting. 


Summer Wesley for HD 100
PO Box 927
Bethany, OK 73112

Phone: (405) 367-1417


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